National Rural Development

Rural Development Information Center, Community Development Department has been conducting the 1992 National Rural Development census. The objective of this census is to collect data on the well-being of the household in village level. The data covers general conditions of the village, economic condition, education, health, labor and drug. Key informants such as village committees and village head provided information to NRD commissions. All villages in the non-municipal areas are collected.
Subject Terms
General Conditions, The Condition of Economic Base, Knowledge and Education, Health and Hygiene, Labor, Opinions of the Sub-District Administration Organization, Opinions of the District Development Committee
Data Collection
Step 1: Have the NRD questionnaires (one per village) brought by the Supportive Board for Rural Development of Subdistricts (SBRDS) and Subdistrict Administrative Organization / Tambon Council (SAO/TC) representatives. Also have the questionnaires filled in with the particular available or searchable information. (Fill in the information with pencil.)
Step 2: Have the whole collected data and information considered by the cooperatives of the SBRDS and SAO / TC representatives to insure correctness and modernity. (Fill in the information with pencil.)
Step 3: The SBRDS and SAO representatives make a selection and an appointment with the committees and the heads of each village and interview them in order to examine the accuracy of the data filled in by the SBRDS and SAO/TC representatives. In addition, in order to complete the required information, the group of village heads must certify the questions and answers. The SBRDS and SAO/TC representatives check for the unanswered questions in step 2 from the group of the village heads. This must be done with accuracy, neatness, orderliness, clarity of figures and letters when filling in the information.
Step 4: Have the received information for the last part of the questionnaire certified by the 7-10 village committees, village heads or informers.
Step 5: Have the data and information in the questionnaire analyzed by the SBRDS and SAO/TC representatives together with village committees. This is to be done in accordance with the rules and criteria set out in the table in the end of the NRD form. Copy the analysis into a summary of the conclusions of the village problems and finalize the summary of the data and information. Copy the final summary into the last part of the questionnaire and the summary posters of NRD. Then have them posted on the public notice board where they can be conveniently accessed by most of the villagers in order to propagateinformation and promote cooperation in solving village problems in the future.
Step 6: After the SBRDS and SAO representatives complete the data collection and analysis, submit NRD forms to the secretary of the data collection board of the district level (Amphoe Development) and the provincial level (Province Development) to proceed to the next steps.

Questionnaire (Year 1992-2013)
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